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The Silver Medalist for Mendacity !

April 22, 2014 Leave a comment

Guy Who Spent His Early Career Insisting He’s Pro-Life Now Insists He’s Always Been Pro-Choice. Seriously, Florida. Come on.

“A great catch from Jim Geraghty in a race we haven’t covered much — the reincarnation attempt of Charlie Crist in Florida. Back in the day, when Crist was Republican, he was the ne plus ultra Republican, including on abortion. Now a Democratic candidate for governor, suddenly he’s the consummate “war on wimmenses” Democrat.

In this interview, Crist tells an incredulous interviewer that even though he once insisted that he would sign a law outlawing abortion, he never, never, never told a woman what she could or could not do with her body. ~  Ed Morrissey –


Behold, the clearest demonstration of shamelessness:

Jim Garrity of NRO


“There are a lot of Florida Democrats who will probably tell you they care about abortion – er, “abortion rights” or “reproductive rights.” The vast majority of them will, this fall, vote for a man who, during his 2006 race for governor, told a priest in Pensacola that he would sign a bill outlawing abortions except when the mother’s life was at stake. But then he told an AP reporter that he would only sign such a bill if it included exceptions for rape and incest.

Also during that race, Charlie Crist attacked his GOP rival for being pro-choice. And as recently as January 2010, “Crist’s Republican U.S. Senate campaign released a statement saying he would ‘fight for pro-life legislative efforts.’”

P.S. You already know the Gold Medalist of Mendacity.


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