The First Pitchfork Patriots


It has to begin again somewhere and at sometime


Like I have said before, The Communists are very patient – They are like the Japanese who like to watch trees grow.

Everyone with some degree of intelligence knows that the Communist Progressives, and their supporters and sympathizers have taken over our Education System, and Public Sector Unions and the Press in order to control and indoctrinate our children in believing that the State is more important than personal responsibility and freedom.

How did they do it? How did we let allow such a thing? Easily explained – They play for first downs – using all four – gaining little by little – almost unnoticeable – until we, the opposing team finally have finally realized that our deadly opponents got to within inches of the Goal Line.



    How the Game is Played

The Gadsden flag

Unfortunately, the Republican strategy has been and still is a losing strategy. Rather than going for first downs, they utilize the Hail Mary Pass. Everyone in the stands knows that Hail Mary’s seldom, if ever work. And our Communist Opposition knows that as well and they stack their defenses accordingly.

Until the Tea Party exploded into existence in 2009, our so called Republicans on the field have been playing to a losing Game Plan for 60 years. Thankfully, reinforcements have come onto the field and finally stopped the Blues on our own inch line.

Here an example of how insidious and patient our opponents are:

Let’s say the Progressives want a certain Program costing 50 million dollars (This might be at any level (Local-State-National). They get their Democratic allies to request some legislation. The Republicans are adamant that the request is unwarranted and useless. The supporters yell, scream, picket, and threaten that they need the funding. They use their contacts in the biased Press to advance their cause. A few weeks later, in a smoke filled room somewhere, a deal is worked out that the Republicans will come aboard and support publicly and not object to the Proposal if the Funding Request is reduced to 10 Million.

All parties are happy. The Republicans claim to be the winners. What they don’t know, is that the Progressives are more than satisfied. They will come back later for one absurdity or another for 50 Million– get 10 Million …. on and on and on and on. Like I said previously, first down after first down yields long term results. And the Republican Suits inside the beltway haven’t a clue.

Yet the hard working Citizens have finally woken from a coma and have demanded that brakes be applied – no more comprises and that “no” means “no.”

Tea Party Patriots see two opponents: the deadly Blue Progressive Team and the Incompetent Red Republican Team.

We, the Tea Party Patriots want the ball. We want to name the coach, the offensive coordinator, the defensive coordinator and most of all – we want our Ownership Rights restored.

And a few more first downs and a few more Pitchfork Protests !

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