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Some Thoughts and Some Snarks

The Washington Post has sunk to such depths they perhaps are doomed to extinction

If those that are going after Trump had gone after Obama the same way – There would be no need for Trump as President.

Really pathetic people…

Where are the Mug Shots and the Name of those Thugs protesting in San Diego and elsewhere?  What are their dispositions after arrest (Is it catch and release?)

Anyone know ?

The next Amendment to the Constitution ought to be:

No Harvard or Yale Law School Graduate is eligible to be President.

This alone will solve a lot of problems.

Pretty obvious now as to why Romney picked Ryan as VP….. this guy is a “real fake” Conservative and must be replaced as Speaker NOW and defeated in Wisconsin…… ‪#‎neverryan

Why is it that Federal Employees got a 1 % raise (not counting in-grade promotions) for 2016 while Social Security Recipients received ZERO

Glenn Beck needs a visit from the Guys that can put him in a straight jacket …… He is now pathologically dangerous IMO

I’ve been thinking about something ….

Why is “f**k” OK … and “fuck” not OK ?

Will any one Male Senator or Congressman have the cojones to use the Ladies Restroom in the Senate or House Office Buildings or in the WH ?

MO opinion – the most pathetic writer at the Washington Post is Jennifer Rubin …. a nauseating faux Conservative

Why are so many Companies moving out of the United States ? Most think it is because of cheaper labor. Yes, that is a reason – but perhaps not the main reason. Taxes is another reason – but perhaps not the biggest factor either.

IMO, the biggest reason is Governmental Regulations enacted by unelected Bureaucrats and elected Politicians at all levels (Federal, State, Local) that strangle, stifle, and choke the oxygen out of everything they touch.

We are a Country run by overpaid Mandarins that is closer to Karl Marx than George Washington.

As Employers of the Congress and the President – We must demand that they all undergo random drug testing during their terms and testing when they run for Office.

Anyone disagree ?

The best way to deal with Obama’s latest bathroom fetish is just to say ….“Screw You – Sic the DOJ on me” – And go about your business. Jumping through hoops to obey Obama’s pathological dictates is really asinine at this point in time.

Just give him the Bird !

I guess the NRA is no longer a Conservative Organization. Since this must be so … I guess Mark Levin will now resign his Membership …. Good-Bye Mark. Nice Knowing you.

Can you believe a New York Times/CBS Poll has Hillary up by 6.

Sometimes I just have to pinch myself – actually I am a bit surprised. I would have guessed that Poll would have Hillary up by 30.

They probably polled 100 people at Rikers Island

Did you know that one time when Trump was first married – he left the seat up on the toilet after taking a leak ……

The Stockholders of the United States of America Corporation have decided and have declared forthwith that

The Chairman of the Board (George Soros), and his Board of Directors (The International Muslim/Communist Movement), the President and other Top Management along with the paid for Propaganda Ministry posing as the Main Stream Media are no longer acceptable and their further Employment must and will come to an end.

In plain English – “You are all fired”

How come the protesters of the Pro-Life Movement do not protest their Mothers for being Pro-Life …. beats me ….

The people fighting Trump the most have the most to fear.

BOTTOM LINE: Calcified Republicans fear all their shenanigans will be exposed by Trump and hopefully, in many cases, will face criminal charges from a new AG.


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