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Some Snarks and Some Thoughts

February 12, 2016 Leave a comment Go to comments

There are a number of reasons why I gave up on Ted Cruz …. The Number One – Inviting Glenn Beck up on stage to endorse him after Beck called Trump and his followers “Hitler-like” …. To this day, Cruz has never repudiated or apologized for his unconscionable behavior.

All the Candidates must re-affirm their pledge to support the Nominee in order to participate in any future debates

Trump’s most impressive and most important accomplishment is that he has liberated Patriot Citizens from the chain of political correctness which has enabled millions of Americans to feel hope once again.

One more time ….. Donald Trump is an Independent Pragmatic Capitalist. – Both Cruz’s and Rubio’s work experience has been through Government Salaried Jobs. There is no other outsider but Trump in the Race for the Republicans or Democrats.

I see a lot of Tammy Faye Baker in Hillary


This is what I think of Ted Cruz by sharing a tale I just made up:

One afternoon, Ted Cruz is walking his dog in his neighborhood and the Dog stops and takes a poo on a neighbor’s lawn. Ted sees it – but keeps on walking his dog.

Another neighbor further down the street saw what happened and confronts Ted. “Why didn’t you pick up the mess your dog made ? – You do know there is a City Ordinance and you could be fined ?”

Ted responds … “Madam, the City Ordinance doesn’t apply to private property. Do you want me to recite it to you ?” – and Ted continues on walking down the street.

Soviet communist tyrant, Yosef Vissarionovich Stalin said once: “it doesn’t matter who votes, it matters who counts the votes.”

The Establishment wants Rubio because he doesn’t embarrass them very much. That whole establishment cartel sees a danger in Trump…. And they see Rubio giving them much of what they want.

In Yiddish – Rubio would be known as a Pisher (a young, inexperienced, presumptuous person)

I wish Polls were banned – Throwing these statistics around based on small populations with raw Pollsters – and dubious demographics …. my guess is a */- 20 % – 25 % would be more accurate. . I don’t think I’ve seen 1 Poll that is statistically significant.

But apparently it is a darn good business. I wonder if many of the Pollsters are in the States on H1-B Visas …..and how much are Pollsters being paid … and who writes the questions for each of the the Polls….. and who is paying for the Polls and are the Owners or CEOS of the Polling Organizations affiliated with any Party and are they donating money to any Candidate or Super-Pac.

Why don’t they disclose this stuff ?

I would like to see a Law passed and enforced that would declare that anyone that is a Member of the Bloods, Crypts, MS-13, etc. is subject to 10 year mandatory prison sentence with no possibility of parole. Organizational Tattoos are prima-facie evidence of Membership – and therefore subject to immediate profiling and search and arrest

The carpet bombing of Cruz the past couple of weeks is 25 % of what Trump has faced for almost 8 months ….

Cruz supporters seem actually indignant that Cruz is being vetted and gone after just as all the other Candidates. it’s as if they think he should be immune.

I do disagree with Trump on this Issue:

I am not opposed to some kind of Permanent Resident Status for some here illegally – But No Citizenship and No Voting Rights.

  1. Phil Nicastro
    February 13, 2016 at 1:09 pm

    I feel Cruz will be so far to “his” right that, like Obama to the far left, nothing will get done during a Cruz administration. I’m also concert that Cruz will do and say anything he feels will get him elected, just like Obama did, but once elected, he will do only what Cruz wants as Obama does.

    Trump is for allowing legal immigration, that’s all I need to hear as I agree with that. My grandparents were all legal immigrants as is true with most of America’s early population.

    As for Democrats, both Sanders and Hillary are using Obama’s pandering strategy; promise free stuff to those who either don’t work or work at low pay job and whom pay little or no taxes, and thus could care less about US economy, to basically guarantee there votes.

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