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Some Thoughts and Some Snarks

The best truth from Trump was when he was speaking about Nabisco and Ford building plants in Mexico – he said “we are losing everything – we are running on the fumes – there is nothing there”

He’s right – think about it.

I wouldn’t buy a Ford or eat another Nabisco Product …..

He sure does cut through a lot of shit and hits you right in the face with the truth … and a lot of people don’t like it … Thank God many more do.

They are sure a bringing out the Nitwits to defend Hillary ….. Howard Dean. James Carville, Paul Begala ….. Will we soon get to see Colin Powell weighing in?

If New Yorkers want an expanded De Blasio for the Nation – They should vote for Bernie Sanders

Allowing Hillary to inspect all her own emails and turn over what she wanted is as insane as allowing Iran to inspect themselves for violations of the so called Deal.

Conclusion: Either Hillary and Obama are insane or the enemy. Perhaps both.

I love Ben Carson …. A brilliant man … But he really doesn’t have the executive experience to tackle what lies ahead. Really ! A nice Guy just isn’t what we need to try to save the Country. We need a Candidate with real experience…. Trump, Fiorina, Cruz, Walker ….

I lean Trump because he is nasty ….

Carson should be tasked with solving and implementing the solutions to our health care mess.

It would be a waste of Cruz’s talent to have a do nothing job as VP. Better he be Senate Majority Leader

Q: What did the waiter ask the group of Jewish mothers?
A: “Is anything OK?”

Does anyone really believe the mush John Boehner Tweets Out – He has the credibility of Hillary.

John Boehner blaming Obama for the increase in the National Debt is like Obama blaming Climate Change for the rise in terrorism ..

He MUST go.

“When Jeb Bush allowed hecklers shouting “Black lives matter” to drive him off the stage in Las Vegas, he may have given us a clue as to what kind of president he would be. We ignored too many clues about Barack Obama before putting him in the White House. There is no excuse for ignoring clues about another candidate now. Can you imagine Ronald Reagan letting hecklers drive him off the stage?”

~ Thomas Sowell

Where in the hell is Mia Love ? A disappointment IMO.

The Republicans have had the House since 2010 … How come the National debt increased 4 Trillion +/- during this time period.

The Nitwit Republican Consultant, Rick Wilson, should be driven off the air. A Schmuck of the highest Order …Any sponsor of his appearances on CNN should be boycotted 100 %.


George Will does not have the best track record for determining who conservatives will support. He opposed Ronald Reagan in the GOP primaries in both 1976 and 1980, preferring the establishment favorites.

George Will is a pompous Schmuck. If you see him, tell I said so.

Isn’t the mere fact that Hillary used a private server enough to indict her ?

Basically Trump is a Pragmatic Independent Capitalist – That fine with me.

That Chris Wallace doesn’t get that Obama is anti-Semitic is lamentable and telling.

Besides Hillary’s Emails – how about texts and phone messages and data from other Email Accounts we know nothing about as yet. Hillary is the American version of Ilse Koch (look her up)

BlackLivesMatter is Occupy Wall Street for Blacks.

For the good of the Country – Boehner and McConnell ought to resign their leadership positions – All Candidates should be asked whether they support the present leadership.

IMO, It is impossible for any real Jew to support our Racist anti-Semitic President. Those that do are not Jews. You just have to trust me on that.

And if there are any of these Jews in Name Only on my Friends List – please have the courage to let me know. It would be impossible for me to be Friends with those that support an enemy of America and Israel ……..

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