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Some Thoughts and Some Snarks

Don’t you think this 7 ton Statue of Lenin in Seattle ought to come down ?


There is no Written Law applicable to all Citizens – We have Law created by the political make-up of the Judiciary ……

I am all for breaking the windows of any store that sells Confederate Merchandise and I am for a massive book burning of “Gone with the Wind.” Also – anyone found with any Confederate paraphernalia in their homes or businesses will be forced to wear a small Confederate Flag sewn on their clothing until the internment camps are finished being constructed.(This is sarcasm folks)

Half of all police on drug cases will be reassigned to stake out and arrest anyone that has anything in their homes or vehicles remotely connected to confederate contraband. Stop and frisk efforts will be increased 100 % – Members of the Black Panthers will be deputized in order to assist in getting rid of this scourge of criminals. Those Panthers authorized to make arrests will have Solid Silver SS pins on their uniforms for identification. (This is sarcasm folks)

Thank God the Charleston Killer was not waving and stepping on an Israeli Flag

What is wrong with American College Education in one short sentence:
Bill Ayers (unrepentant terrorist) was characterized as a “distinguished professor.”

Seems to me this Roof Guy doesn’t fit the Tea Party Meme – More like a Nazi Socialist.

“Mike Nifong and Angela Corey are big shoes to fill, but Marilyn Mosby is giving the task her very best, which in the case of every other prosecutor would be their very worst.”

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