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Some More Thoughts and some Snarkasms

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Another of my brilliant ideas: All TV Pundits – Reporters – Journalists, etc must disclose their verifiable IQ – And if they don’t, we need to find out and publish that information via blogs and talk radio.. Congress is not exempt as well.

I wonder what Obama’s IQ is. If it were high, I am sure we would have heard about it.

I mean some of these Folk are just so piss-ass dumb…..

This is how the Oscar Nominations came about:

The Motion Picture Academy’s Executive Board got together a month before the selections and agreed … to get even with Blacks because they controlled the NBA and NFL disproportionally that they would limit Black Nominations to even the score. To make things appear OK, they all agreed to throw the Black Members of the Academy a bone with 1 or 2 nominations.
I’m positive Al Sharpton had an informant at that meeting and will expose his source the next time he visits the situation room in the White-House.










I think we are at a point where Al Sharpton’s bullshit is getting old and wearing thin.
If what a lot of what Obama is doing is illegal – then aren’t those that follow “illegal orders” just as guilty and punishable by jail time ?
The sooner we drop using the words “Left” … “Progressive” …. “Democrat” and start calling them what they really are “Communists” (or supporters thereof) – the better off the Country will be.
Reality is a tough pill to swallow – yet it is still reality – and most Citizens are still in denial.
Hey – I still have a right to express my opinion …..
Could the Freeway Blockers in Boston be charged with murder for stopping the ambulance with a seriously ill patient if that patient subsequently died on the way to hospital ?
In 7-10 years Motion Picture Theaters will go the way of giant enclosed malls

# 1 reason Obama didn’t go to Paris – He figured the Cartoonists had it coming to them for being critical of his religion and why should he care about a bunch of damn Jews in a supermarket …..
I understand our Federal Employees owe 3.3 Billion in back taxes. Why would anyone pay taxes while this is allowed.?
Wake up … Good thing I am not President – I would send 1000 Marines and 82nd Airborne into that Muslim Training Camp in New York.
Isn’t it time to purge the Communist Bureaucrats that have filtered to the top of all the Agencies in Washington. They have created fiefdoms of their own and create their own laws …… and look down on us as the real second class citizens.
You must be willing to take to the streets to stop the Progressives (Communists)
A coordinated effort by all Talk Show Hosts ought to be able to rally millions to surround the White-House and the Capitol.
I see where Obama is going for increased pay for federal Workers … I suppose that is because they are already at double the average wage in the private sector and they work so hard with no fringe benefits
Karl Rove is irrelevant – Someone needs to give Sean Hannity a clue. Everything Rove touches turns to shit. He should be loaned out to Obama.

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