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Some Snarks and Some Thoughts 10.2.2014

Oklahoma Muslim Beheader Who Has Nothing To Do With Islam, Demands Muslim Lawyer

~ David Greenfeld

Why does Obama have to attend intelligence briefings? After all, he already knows everything there is to know.

~ Errol Phillips

In a sense, Holder encouraged racism, as did Obama. They are both slightly more polished versions of Jesse Jackson and Al Sharpton.

Like Jackson and Sharpton, they act as if they care about the black man or woman in the street, but in actuality they just care about themselves. The racial posturing is a form of moral narcissism that works to preserve racism, not to defeat It.

~ Roger L. Simon

The First Amendment wasn’t designed to keep religious people out of government but to keep government out of religion.”

~ Rand Paul

Educate me ! What exactly are our 3000 Troops going to do to fight Ebola ?

~ Errol Phillips

Blacks get the equivalent of Affirmative Action in news reporting (an oxymoron) by most media. You want to have a discussion about race Holder … Then let’s fucking have it.

~ Errol Phillips

” ……. there is an embargo on The B Word. You never read a headline where “a black man” or ” a black cop” stands accused of this or that crime against “an unarmed white man” or “a young white woman.”

 ~ Jazz Shaw (Hot Air)

With the momentous consequences of control of the Senate at stake in this fall’s election, anyone who risks the outcome by running as a third party candidate should not only be voted against this year but remembered for such irresponsibility in future years.

~ Thomas Sowell

I had a conversation with an Obamaphile who pointed out all of Obama’s accomplishments and for me to go to Whitehouse.Org to substantiate his points.

Folks …. sometimes I have to pinch myself

 ~ Errol Phillips

I got it … I got it   …. Obamola must feel that West Africans should not have exclusivity  on Ebola suffering … so Obamola wants to redistribute the disease here so we can suffer here equally.

That would be the fair thing to do.

 ~ Errol Phillips

Isn’t it about time that Patriots take on Valerie Jarrett once and for all. I mean expose her and all of her Communist Associates, Friends and Family and her crooked business dealings.

 ~ Errol Phillips

Liberalism has destroyed black America. Now it’s time for black America to return the favor.

 ~ Elbert Guillory

Obama is also re-distributing illegal aliens throughout the Country who are contaminated and infected with dangerous diseases, spreading it through our schools.

Where do you think this so-called “mysterious illness” came from that is creating havoc throughout the country? Doesn’t it seem strange that this “illness” appeared after O flew in these dangerously sick illegal “children” from Venezuela and other places.

 ~ Elana Bowman

UNIONS MAKE YOURSELVES USEFUL FOR ONCE & have unionized pilots REFUSE to fly to West Africa

~ slone (@slone)

Mark Levin said tonight that Obama has a great affinity for Islam, much more than he has for Christianity or the Jewish faith, and that is why he keeps attacking Israel the way he does.

This one line from Levin sums it up quite well:

“His wrath is for the Jewish State. His silence is for the Christian faith. His defense is for Islam.”

 ~ The Right Scoop

Hamas launches rockets, gets $46M in US aid. Israel plans houses, gets condemned for being “poisonous”

 ~ Tammy Bruce (@HeyTammyBruce):

PM Netanyahu on Silwan: Arabs buy house in west Jerusalem freely I’m not going to tell Jews they can’t buy houses in E Jerusalem

 ~ Israel News Feed (@IsraelHatzolah):

Between Sebelius, Lerner, and the head of the Secret Service — it feels like WOMEN are waging WAR on us. [Breitbart]

 ~ John Nolte

CNN:” While his Facebook page included images of bin Laden and a beheading, no indication Nolen was motivated by terrorism, an official said”

~ John Podhoretz


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