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Some Thoughts and some Snarks – 9-04-2014

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Many are clamoring for Obama to show leadership ….. Sooner or later one must realize the reality that it isn’t going to happen. Obama is pathologically prevented from doing so. He would require many years of psychiatric intervention, One cannot scrub off the spots on a leopard, Hey …. Just sayin..

Spam is not steak even when promoted as so by the media……..

~ Errol Phillips

I suppose Obama’s “no boots on the ground in Iraq” can now be added to the heaping pile of lies and broken promises.

~ Errol Phillips

Not a single liberal friend of mine wants to discuss politics now. They’re humiliated by Obama.

~ Roger Simon

Obama’s Happy Terrorism Talk: If You Like Your Head, You Can Keep Your Head.

~ P.J.Media

It’s time to stop referring to Obama as President. It’s just Obama from now on

~ Errol Phillips

The fact is, the great majority of American Jewish Democrats see their party and its agenda as their secular religion. Reform Judaism, America’s largest Jewish denomination, is sometimes jokingly called “the Democratic Party with holidays.” A lot of Jews would sooner convert to Shia Islam than leave the party of their forefathers.

~ Rick Moran


Kerry 2003: Bush formed “a coalition of the bribed, the coerced, the bought, and the extorted.”

Kerry today: We need a Iraq coalition.

~ David Burge

“In the game of life Barry votes PRESENT and expects pixie dust to take care of the rest, just like it did during his Choom Gang days”

~ Comment from Truth Czar.

Isn’t it a basic American “right” to be able to offend someone ?

~ Errol Phillips

I ask again: Who are the Top Leaders of ISIS and where are they stationed ?

~ Errol Phillips

Do we still have Intelligence Agencies in the USA or is that an oxymoron ?

~ Errol Phillips

Can the Justice Department be impartial in IRS probe of “lost” documents while, at the same time, defending the IRS in civil litigation over the lapse ?

~ Sharyl Attkisson

Shouldn’t bother any of us that a major news network had the daughter of two major Dem political [Clintons] figures on a weekly allowance of $12,500.

~ John Nolte

O.J. is becoming a Muslim? Well, he does have experience with beheading. Have at it trolls, sometimes I do it just for you.

~ Bill Maher

Seems to me that the Democratic Party has become a criminal enterprise.

~ Errol Phillips

Democrats have a vested interest in black dependency on government. It’s one way that Democrats keep blacks loyal — they present themselves as the party who gives people things.

~ Jason Riley



  1. David
    September 4, 2014 at 1:54 pm

    Never thought I would consider giving up my US citizenship. But I would now. Too bad my age prevents me from becoming an Australian citizen.

  2. David
    September 4, 2014 at 1:52 pm

    Jimmy Carter must now be very happy as he is no longer considered the worst US President. Thank you Obama!

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