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Some more thoughts and snarks 8/23/2014

Good news! Our impartial chief law enforcement officer is here to help indict a white cop w/o evidence because black race-baiters demand it.”

Ben Schapiro [Breitbart]

“The Toxicology Report on Michael Brown might be quite revealing.”

~ Errol Phillips

“First they ignore you, then they mock you, then you win.” -Gandhi

“First they fund you, then they mock you, then you behead them.” –ISIS

~ David Burge iowahawkblog]

“There is a rather large element of the Black Constituency that want to lynch Officer Wilson more out of revenge from some prior injustice with no thought as to guilt or innocence.”

~ Errol Phillips

“Hamas knows that the “fear of rocket attacks” is almost as good as an actual rocket fired.”

~ Errol Phillips

“ISIS may be JV. But that just underscores that our varsity is now JV.”

~ Ben Schapiro [Breitbart]

“The Main Question in the Ferguson Case: Would Officer Wilson have acted any different if Michael Brown were white ?”

~ Errol Phillips

Matthews still doesn’t get that Obama is “not American” in the sense they think … Obama has a “foreign Mentality”

~ Errol Phillips

Can you imagine a Attorney General  saying, “I’m the AG, but I’m also a WHITE man” and KEEP HIS JOB!?”

~Kevin Jackson

@JammieWF And the national media descends upon Chicago for the protest marches. Oh, wait …

“Who in the hell is funding ISIS ?”

~ Errol Phillips

“If you’re counting dead civilians in Gaza but not Chicago… You might be a bigot.”

~ John Nolte [Breitbart]

“There is a quasi-professional Agitating Network led by Al Sharpton on call and at the ready to stir up trouble in a moment’s notice …… Sharpton leads the “Thug Agitating Wing” of the Progressive Statist Party AKA the Democratic Party.”

~ Errol Phillips

Liberals have found it cheaper and easier to criminalize dissent than win elections”

~ Steve Stockman [Congressman]

“Barack Obama is disturbingly naïve and holds a dangerous utopian view of the world and the dangers therein.”

~ Bobby Jindal


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