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Have you asked your Liberal Friends and Acquaintances…. “Are you proud to be a Democrat ?” . Get ready for some hilarity.

Quite frankly … I fear Obama more than Putin

Does anyone really think the Department of Energy or the EPA or the Education Department or the IRS is run any differently than the VA ?

If so, I have some building lots in the Everglades for sale real cheap.

If we had a real president – Our Marine would be out in one day. A real President might tell Mexico “If our Marine is not released in 24 hours – 2 Marine Combat Battalions will be posted to the Border with orders to shoot to kill any Uniformed Mexican crossing the Border illegally. Also- all Foreign Aid will cease in 24 hours. All entry Visas for Mexican Citizens will be held up and deportations of Illegals will begin in earnest.

That’s what a real President would say ….

I say this man, Jay Rockefeller Democrat Senator from W.VA., is truly sick and ought to be institutionalized for saying that the many people that oppose Obamacare are racist.

In my opinion, one of the biggest threats to our Country and its Citizens is the leviathan Federal Bureaucracy that is over staffed, overpaid, under-worked, unaccountable, and un-fireable.

And we Citizens pay for it. Now does that make sense.


Audit the Federal Reserve
Balanced Budget Amendment
Congress must participate in Obamacare
Cut or eliminate Capital Gains Tax
Declare Islam a Political Movement
Eliminate Affirmative Action
Eliminate campaign contributions from Unions to both parties
Eliminate Congressional Health Care Program
Eliminate Congressional Pension Plan
Eliminate Death Tax on Estates
Eliminate Dept. of Energy
Eliminate ethanol subsidies and requirements in gasoline
Eliminate existing United Nations
Eliminate Federal Employee Unions
Eliminate or reduce substantially the Environmental Protection Agency
Eliminate the Department of Education
Enforce Existing Immigration Laws
English as National Language
Freeze Federal Pay Raises and in grade increases and promotions
Give NASA a Space Agenda
Immigration Reform with NO Citizenship
Impose penalties for Lobbyists
Build the Security Fence on Southern Border
Initiate and expedite Drilling to become Energy Independent Investigate and prosecute those that caused the Housing Crash
Limit recess appointments
Make Bush Tax Cuts permanent
Mandatory drug & alcohol testing for all Fed Employees including Congress
Move the US Embassy to Jerusalem, Israel’s capital, from Tel Aviv
Reduce 26 day vacation provision to Federal Employees (non-military)
Reduce Corporate Tax Rate
Reduce Federal Employees by attrition and freeze hiring
Remove Weapons from Branches of Government where not needed.
Repeal Obambacare
Repopulate Deportment of Justice with non-partisan Lawyers
require candidates to show birth certificate before filing for candidacy
Increased contributions to Federal Employee Health Care benefits to Private Sector Levels
Resolve the NSA situation
Revamp Rules of Engagement for Military
Revamp VA in its entirety
Review and Limit Foreign Aid
Secure Borders with Military
Sell off unneeded Federal Assets
Special Prosecutor for Fast and Furious
Special Prosecutor for IRS
Sponsor Legislation to prevent Bailouts of States, Cities and Corps
Stop Funding NPR and PBS
Stop funding Planned Parenthood
Supreme Court Term limited to ten years-Terminate the Ag Dept’s Conservation Reserve Program.
Tort Reform Legislation
Turkey out of NATO
Upgrade Military
Term Limits for Congress




  1. David
    May 24, 2014 at 12:16 pm

    I think we ought to consider all Muslims as potential terrorists if not terrorists already. And they way they treat women should prevent any Muslim immigration to the USA.

  2. May 24, 2014 at 8:21 am

    We will see in November !

  3. Brock
    May 24, 2014 at 12:47 am

    Good rants. Funny, Entertaining, Pertinent, and Totally Frustrating, because all we can do at this point IS rant. Let’s stop ranting and start doing something about it….but, please don’t tell me that we have to beat them at the ballot box. It’s not going to happen. The system has been totally rigged in their favor. We are now at the point now where we need a super patriot (with some muscle behind him) to step forward, and set things right. We need to reset the game board, only this time make sure no one cheats. Yes, I know, a “Messiah” can easily become a despot, but what do we have now?….an oppressive government run by a third-world wannabe. I’m willing to put my hope in a messiah, because our current system is rotten to the core. It doesn’t just need a make-over. It needs to be re-done from the ground up. The Constitution might be a good start, but it needs to be iron-clad this time, with penalties for breaking or even bending the rules.

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