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Some Random Thoughts 4-04-14

I know many, many people think it , but won’t say it – so I will:

Instead of trying to transform and fundamentally change all of America, perhaps it would be a much better idea if Obama concentrated his endeavors on the transformation and fundamental change of our inner cities from chaotic catastrophes to civilized communities.

He might well get a lot of support as that is the change that is drastically needed.

Pretty much all Black Americans and a significant amount of other Americans hoped that the first Black President would be successful. I get that. However, there comes a point in time where most everyone that has a functioning brain recognizes incompetence for what it is.

Can anyone tell me why David Petraeus has not be subpoenaed to testify for his role in the Benghazi Fiasco ?

Can someone explain to me why Eric Holder has not been arrested for his Contempt of Congress ?

What the Leftists refuse to admit is the unlimited campaign IN-KIND CONTRIBUTIONS of the ABC, NBC, CBS, NYT and the LA Times and all the other Progressive State-Run Media. …. Not to mention the Unions.

There is no longer a Democratic Party …. It has been hijacked by Progressive Communist Statists.

How about an INDEPENDENT Audit to give the public the real numbers on Obamacare.

Hey – Obama said you could keep your Doctor – He said you could keep your Plan – He said the average premium would go down by $ 2,500.

Anyone that still believes this pathological Liar is pretty sick themselves.

Obama is still O-fer. UConn beat Michigan State

Seems to me that the continuing atrophy of Reed’s Brain is becoming an acutely serious problem for the Country.

At least Ted Cruz TRIED TO STOP the Runaway train called Obamacare ….and he didn’t get much (if any) help from the Establishment Republicans. Going along to get along is not going to save our Country.

Last week, I saw a car in Publix Parking Lot with an Obama Sticker. The first one I have seen in many months. I put a note on the windshield “Haven’t you any shame?”


  1. Rachel
    April 5, 2014 at 6:25 pm

    We really have to drastically reduce the size of our gov’t. It’s become horribly distorted and a total waste of money we don’t have. And because of the lack of quality in the govt employees, they are running rampant with no idea what in hell they are doing. They are forcing us into a “them or us” situation.

  2. tonio rocciano
    April 5, 2014 at 9:32 am

    Your thoughtgs a superb,thank you.

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