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Some Snarky Comments for Friday 3/21

I read yesterday that the Dope of Hope said the Iranians elected their President in a fair and free election. Doesn’t he know that only candidates approved and selected by the Chief Ayatollah can run.

There is definitely a misfire in his brain synapses … Translation: He is a Nitwit

Sen. Thad Cochran (R-MS) confirmed on Wednesday evening that he is still unaware of the five-year-old Tea Party movement that has rocked U.S. politics, including the U.S. Senate in which he has served for 36 years.

Another out of touch Nitwit ….. Damn our Country is screwed up.

Obama says that Putin acts out of weakness. This Guy really needs to be hauled off to a Mental Institution…. Truly pathetic

Michelle is getting as much as she can out of her husband’s job, and we get to pay the bills for a fantastic family vacation. This woman enjoys living large a bit too much. The Beverly Hillbillies on steroids.

Rep. Charlie Rangel (D-NY) in an appearance on NY1′s “Inside City Hall,” called Tea Party members “mean, racist people” who are descendants of slave owners in the South and still love their Confederate flag…

Another Pol whose brain has atrophied.

Now that Obama has picked Michigan State to be National Basketball Champs – I suppose the locker room cry was “Oh No “

Let’s face it … The wheels are finally coming off Obama’s Cart and even Phil Jackson couldn’t fix it …. Just sayin

Our government is run by lobbyists, for special interests, and the career politicians in both parties let it happen. We must pass term limits to get rid of the career politicians.

What major Conservative Players are proposing this …. I haven’t seen it.

Bam always has been and still is a Mole for Progressive Statism. He more than likely does not give a hoot about Russia taking over our Western European Allies and Us.

ATF raid store … Our Government at work … One of these days a raid like this will be met with 1000 Citizens fully armed and that will be the spark that starts our next Civil War.







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