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Sarah Palin …. Is Really Something Else

Folks, true leaders pay a heavy price, which is why they, as do eagles, fly alone.

Sarah Palin has led by example, displaying tremendous courage, backbone, and grit by standing up for conservative principles, traditional values, freedom, and liberty – even when some conservatives and establishment Republicans joined the chorus of liberals, Democrats, and MSM calling her a fool.

Threatened by her enormous presence and the extreme impact of her inspiring 2008 VP nomination acceptance speech, Democrats and the MSM immediately launched a campaign to destroy Palin. Through their joint effort to discredit her, every word out of Palin’s mouth has been viewed through an unjust false lens that assumes that she is an idiot. I challenge anyone on the planet to survive such extreme critical scrutiny.

Sarah Palin is not perfect. She is a human being like the rest of us. But Sarah Palin is an unmistakably gifted, charismatic born leader who inspires millions to fight back against the horrible evil attempting to overtake our great nation. Palin’s passion is fueled by her love for God, family, and country and her knowledge that freedom ain’t free. Thank God Palin is conservative.

Palin’s CPAC speech confirms that she continues to lead the charge. Her battle cry is loud, strong, and clear. If the GOP wishes to repeat the victory it enjoyed in 2010, it had better embrace the Tea Party (conservatism).

I stand with Sarah Palin 100%. I pray you will do the same.

// Lloyd Marcus //


Click Here to watch Sarah’s Speech at CPAC last week . I also stand with her 100 %



  1. Dani Renan
    March 25, 2014 at 9:55 pm

    Some Conservative. When she was pregnant with her last kid, they found out that the kid was abnormal. But due to her religious beliefs, and to the adoration of the anti-abortion nuts, she went to term, gave birth, then as governor quadrupled the money for special needs kids.

    Now if she objects to an abortion (and easy to try again), that is her business. But to expect me to pay for her lunacy, is not any type of Conservatism that is recognizable. In fact any one that wants to use state power to enforce their religious beliefs on others is not only not a Conservative, they can’t even claim to be a Constitutionalist.

    • March 25, 2014 at 10:58 pm

      You object to money for special needs kids and families – That is quite telling as to where your head is at. If that’s all you can rant about to diss Sarah Palin = you see to ease up AND WISE UP.

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