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Some Snarky Random Thoughts

February 20, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments

If Obama can unilaterally delay Obamacare for Employers for another 3 years – then can a Republican President delay all of Obamacare for 50 years ?

Any Media Outlet that allows a Federal Monitor  into their Newsroom ought to be burned to the ground. 

Besides being a feckless, arrogant, petulant, narcissistic, anti-American racist pathological liar – Barry Soetero is one hell of a Schmuck.

Obama doesn’t need Baghdad Bob …. Obama IS Baghdad Bob. Really, everything that comes out of his mouth should be viewed with this perspective. It is stupefyingly amusing.

Kiev on fire …. Caracas on Fire ….. Where is the Dope at 1600

You just can’t make this stuff up! The NAACP held a protest against photo ID laws…But you had to bring a photo ID in order to join them at the rally.

Colin Powell says that there are ‘Elements’ in GOP that Demonize People Who Don’t Like the Way They Look’ …..I say to the General –Name Names Sir or STFU.

Let’s cut to the chase …. If Obama were white he would be impeached.

Any American that is in favor of amnesty (with citizenship) really needs psychiatric help – most especially Black Americans. Just sayin ….







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