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A Tinge of Sanity in Chicago

January 30, 2014 Leave a comment Go to comments


So the GOP gave a State of the Union response. The Tea Party gave a State of the Union response. Well, hat tip to Rebel Pundit, for hands down the best SOTU response from Black Chicago grassroots activists.

Memo to GOP and Tea Party, stop using politicians and start using real everyday Americans to address the faults, failures, and shortcomings of progressive socialist policies.


Now, I already know what liberal progressives, and worst of all liberal blacks, are going to say — “these are nothing but a bunch of sellout, Oreo, Uncle Tom, token conservative Negroes.” But for liberals, the only “real” black person is a black person that acquiesces and subjugates him (or herself) to the liberal progressive dependency welfare nanny-state. As Reverend C.L. Bryant points out in his film “Runaway Slave”, those who depart the liberal 21st century economic plantation must be hunted down and destroyed.

Please take 5 minutes and enjoy this response — and wonder how long it will be before the IRS comes down on these individuals. Oops, one of them admitted he has not worked in three years. I stand corrected, Louis Farrakhan and his Fruit of Islam hit squad will come down on them, after all, that is the Chicago way.

TIP:  Allen West –  www.allenwest.com


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