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Trey Gowdy – My Favorite Lawyer on Fire Again

Trey Gowdy Destroys the NY Times for Lying About Benghazi

The NYT recently reported that al Qaeda played no role in the attacks on our embassy in Libya and — of all things — the attacks were spontaneously ignited by a YouTube video. You read that correctly. The NYT actually introduced as fact the same lie that has long been proven false. The audacity of this is just mesmerizing.

Conveniently enough, the New York Times article failed to mention Hillary Clinton’s name a single time. At the end of the interview, Dana said that there has been talk that they are just trying to ignore her role the Benghazi scandal so that she might have an easier path to the White House.

TIP: Capitalist Institute

Gowdy cynically destroys the Times “On the Record” for their partisan attempt to cover for Hillary Clinton. Seriously, which Paper is more likely to tell the truth: The New York Times or the National Enquirer ?

I’ll take the Enquirer.

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