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A sensible solution regarding Immigration [Re-Post]

September 2, 2013 Leave a comment Go to comments

Posted by Errol Phillips

With all the news of the past few years regarding the situation with illegal immigrants – I thought it would be appropriate to re-issue a previous post that I did on the Subject some years ago.

First, I should state upfront that I am a proponent of strong enforcement for our borders including deploying the military to prevent Illegal’s from entering the Country along with vigorous profiling at our airports and other points of entry.

That said, I think that a well administered “Guest Worker Program” is a win-win situation for everyone. I say that because I lived and worked in Japan for 8 years and have some hands on experience as to how their system works.

visasMy initial entry into Japan in the early spring of 1991 was legal. This is important. I was required to get a visa and have a sponsor to stay more than 3 months and work prior to arriving.

Within a short period of time after arrival, I had to go to the Municipal Office and be fingerprinted and photographed for an ID that I was required to carry at all times. I also had to inform the Locals of where I was living and again with whom I was working for. For sure, the police did come and check that I was actually living where I said I was.

This procedure of informing the Locals where I was living and who was sponsoring me was an annual event. Yes, I had to go to the Municipal Office with a Letter of Sponsorship and get my ID stamped every year. When I left the Country on occasion to visit the States, I had to go to the Immigration Office and get a return visa so I could re-enter the Country – An up to date ID Card was a necessary component to the trip to immigration.

All the time I was in Japan (8 Years) , I was never randomly asked to show my ID except when I once ran a stop sign – then, the police were extremely interested in see that little piece of information.

As a guest worker, I had to pay taxes, file tax returns, and was allowed to participate in their national health program of which I paid an Insurance Premium. Of course I could not vote.

We certainly could and should implement something similar to Japan’s system. There is no practical way at this time to round up and deport 12 million illegal aliens. So pragmatically we have to accept the fact that they are here and require participation in the Program or be incarcerated and/or deported

As to granting Citizenship – that is nonsense and a slap in the face to everyone that had to really work for the privilege and stayed in line, oftentimes, for many years.

  1. September 3, 2013 at 10:50 am

    Our “problem” is with Mexico —they allow/promote sending their lower classes to us —- the money that’s made here is sent back to Mexico — we even know the amount !!!
    If I lived next door to a neighbor that sent his kids over to play in my backyard and make a mess you can bet it would be changed in a blink ! We have NEVER threatened Mexico to put a stop to this on their side of the Border or we’d start taking factories back from Mexico. Mexico has the toughest imigration laws on the planet. This is a true scandal and both parties are resposible !!


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