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A Few Thoughts

The more Schumer’s and his RINO counterparts in the Senate demonize Ted Cruz – the more that it is an indication as to how much they fear him and the Citizen’s Populist Movement for which he often speaks for.

If supporting smaller Government, Fiscal Discipline, Strong Military, and Border Control is suggestive of right wing radicalism – Then I wear that as a badge of honor.

Quite frankly, This FBI Guy, Mueller, came off at the Hearings as an absolute arrogant ass. Another Position the Citizens should re-fill.

Isn’t the IRS really an adjunct to the White House – run by those that have a political agenda that veers sharply to the left ?

Obama’s Immigration push has little to do with immigration – but more to take some focus off the burgeoning scandals. It’s just politics.

The Media will attempt to protect Obama by going ‘Full Monty” for the Clintons so as to remove the focus on Obama’s Scandals. Watch for it.

As to Hillary – Would the Citizenry double down on incompetence ?

Why are the 5 IG Positions are still unfilled? You really already know !

Would Obama be cast as “the Kingfish” in the Amos and Andy Series ?

I am beginning to think that anyone unable to connect the dots about Obama and his regime must have a defective gene in their DNA Pattern.


Too many Black Citizens have given up their freedom by fawning over a President just because he seems Black. Mass Racist Insanity.


The “J-Street Jews” are insufferable Schmucks.

“If you can’t stand the heat – get out of the kitchen” – Obama’s M.O.

There are still some people out there that seem to think I need their approval prior to expressing my opinion.



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