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Some Tweets – Some Thougts

Retweeted John Podhoretz(@jpodhoretz):
BREAKING: Broadway chorus boy to come out as straight

Retweeted Right Scoop (@trscoop):
AWESOME —> Professor:
Eating Boogers Could Be Good For Your Health

Retweeted Roger Simon (@rogerlsimon):
Every bureaucrat in government should examine themselves when they read the Tsarnaevs got over $100K in welfare.

Tweet ErrolPhillips
#arrestericholder – For Issa’s credibility. So far his
Potemkin Committee has been a waste of time. Holder is skating Contempt of Congress.

Retweeted The Hill (@thehill): Ron Paul:
Police response to Boston bombing as frightening as attack

Retweeted David Burge (@iowahawkblog):
Media: people more frightened by the Koch brothers than the Tsarnaev brothers

Blog:Pinning the Tail on D.C.’s ‘Assclowns’ http://ow.ly/kxacj
They don’t hate Palin because they think she lacks the moxy to play their game. Instead, they despise her refusal to follow the terms of their elitist rulebook.

RT @benshapiro:
So Jason Collins is a hero because he’s gay? Our standard for heroism has dropped quite a bit since Normandy.

RT @LarrySabato:
Years ago I thought media elites didn’t understand what #WHCD did to their image. Now I realize they know & don’t care.

RT @iowahawkblog: MT People who confiscate income, their media & people who play pretend put on tuxedos and give you the finger !

Tweet: Errol Phillips
Obama jokes he is no longer a strapping young Muslim Socialist – That’s right – He is now an older Muslim Socialist.

Retweeted David Burge (@iowahawkblog):
You know what else Obama inherited from Bush? an AAA credit rating.

Thought: Errol Phillips
I am willing to suppose that Obama and Holder in conjunction with the Saudis saw to it that a Magistrate Judge read to Suspect # 2 Miranda Rights in order protect the Saudi Kid (the Faux Student) who has some connection with the bombing . Thcover up reaches the Oval Office. and they will probably get away with it.


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