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Some more snarky Tweets and thoughts

RT @gretawire:
Chuck Hagel says US has confirmed use of chemical weapons in Syria. http://t.co/91CC7g08tO – MT Is the Red Line crossed ?

Retweeted Senator Ted Cruz
(@SenTedCruz): Rather than exempt Congress from Obamacare, we ought to work on permanently exempting all of America w/ a #FullRepeal

Retweeted John Nolte
(@NolteNC): Hi Media: We have 1 mosque connected to 7 implicated in terrorism. Where are you?

Retweeted The Daily Caller (@DailyCaller):
Senate considering bill that could allow Fed. Govt. to read your emails without your knowledge. Concerned?

Retweeted Newt Gingrich
(@newtgingrich): Americans should call, email or tweet their congressman,senators – demand Obamacare exemption must be for the people not j…

Retweeted John Nolte (@NolteNC):
Main problem with Rubio’s bill is that the security aspect is pure bulls**t. No one believes it.

Retweeted Aaron Klein (@AaronKlein):
“Obamacare is such good policy, we’re cutting a secret deal to exempt ourselves from it!” http://t.co/5knCLgJGtN

Retweeted Laura Ingraham (@IngrahamAngle):
Michelle subliminal thought in Dallas: “Have these GOP women updated their wardrobe since 1985? When is Sue Ellen Ewing coming

RT @ErrolPhillips:
#Hillarylied – 4 died

Bob Beckel trashed Pamela Geller. Now he’s cross-dressing as her. LOL. @Atlasshrugs

AMAZING STORY, Scientists have created a camera with such a fast shutter speed that they can now photograph a women with her mouth shut…. #jokes


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