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David, [the Twitter Universe] versus Goliath [the old Main Stream Media.]

Posted by Errol Phillips

David, [the Twitter Universe] versus Goliath [the old Main Stream Media.]    

Though I have had my Twitter Account for a number of years now I  was seldom active until this past week –  culminating with following the Events of  2013  Boston Massacre in real l time listening and “Tweeting”  while absorbed with the Boston PoliceScanner. I realized that the Old Media is about finished.

I urge you to read an Article in PJ Media penned by Stephen Kruiser, who apparently came to same conclusion as I and is able to express his thoughts much better than I.  Click Here.

He writes:

“This is a shift that should be embraced by those who have long lamented the awful bias and declining journalism skills of the MSM. Yet I still run into people are almost proud of their disdain for social media. Is it a hot mess sometimes? Most definitely. But, especially on Twitter, it’s our hot mess. Conservatives got a foothold there early and never let it go. It’s imperfect but more often than not it’s still a far cry better than what you can get from a “reporter”. I actually double check something I’ve heard on the radio or television on Twitter now before I’ll believe it.

Embrace it and enjoy watching Brian Williams and company look more like dinosaurs every day


Also Twitter brings out some of the best snarkiest, sarcastic, irreverent, impertinent thinking that is virtually absent from the Old Players in the Old Media.

I have collected a sampling  of these Tweets from the past couple of days an included them herewith:

“To all of you, who in the “Guess The Religion” pool that had, “Buddhist”, “Jew”,“Episcopal”, “Catholic”, “Southern Baptist”, “Unitarian”, or “Druid”…. Sorry.
Better luck next time!+

exposeliberals If Bill Ayers had a son he’d look like Dzhokhar Tsarnaev #tcot #Tlot #obamafail #billayers #terrorist #boston

JonahNRO Pressure cookers don’t kill people RT @ExJon If this doesn’t force Congress to confront America’s Pressure Cooker Culture, nothing will.

greggutfeld So the bombers weren’t rightwingers, which makes the left madder at the rightwingers even more. Rightwingers can’t win with leftwingers.


AceofSpadesHQ “i’m going to let everyone know I Really Care ‘n Stuff! And that other people Do Not Care So Much As Me!”


rogerlsimon How ironic Islamic terrorists in US are taken to a Jewish hospital to save their lives #BostonBombers


Ben Shapiro @benshapiro 9h Maybe these foreign terrorists would have been more pro-America if they had lived in a highly liberal area focused on tolerance. Oh,wait.


Swthghheel Have The Idiots Checked Bill Ayers House For This Kid? I Mean That Is The First Place I Would Look! Terrorists Flock Together!


NolteNC MSNBC is a four-alarm debacle right now. Toure anchoring reminiscent of Our Gang episode when Spanky wins Mayor for a Day.


AceofSpadesHQ the @nytimes is johnny on the spot on all the important things, like whether or not the murderers were “good students” and “avid athletes”


Mattie96 There’s a much easier way to show your disapproval of a country that took you in with open arms. Get the Fuck Out!


IngrahamAngle Raise your hand if you live in the Watertown area, and now wdn’t mind owning a gun w/ a clip containing more than 10 rounds? –LI


Good. For him. MT @jlakely Bomber’s name so hard to pronounce he’ll never be super famous. He’ll always be “Suspect No. 2” or “that guy.”


Well – you get the Picture.  So – go ahead and sign up and follow me on Twitter:















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