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The Abortion Issue – Conservatives need a First Down …. Not a Hail Mary

Posted by: Errol Phillips

 The Abortion Issue – Conservatives need a First Down …. Not a Hail Mary

As the Abortion Issue rages on exacerbated by the Gosnell Trial going on in Philadelphia – I thought I would re-visit this Issue with a Post from the past.

First let me say at the outset, I am not particularly in favor of Abortion at will. That being said, what I am is …. A Pragmatic Realist on the Issue.

The abortion battle rages on – The Sides are entrenched and threatens to split our Country down the middle. Each side is calling for “their way or the highway. “

It’s time to tackle this Issue in degrees in my opinion. Hail Mary Passes for touchdowns seldom happen …. And the anti-Abortion Coalition seems unable to grasp this fact of life. Meanwhile the Pro-choice Coalition defenses are strong and they also realize that Hail Mary’s don’t work and they are able stack their defenses to make any Hail Mary virtually impossible.

Perhaps it’s time to implement a new strategy – Let’s get a first down and start moving the ball toward the Goal Line.

Here is what I suggest with the caveat that the Sides must realize that neither is going away and that some sort of Truce be established for some given amount of time to let tempers and emotions cool down so we can get to the other solvable Issues that must be addressed to save the Country.

Now in order to get this Truce, both sides have to agree that resolving this Conflict cannot be “My Way or the Highway”


So here is what I suggest

Clearly in my mind, infanticide (live birth abortion) should be eliminated – Surely, both sides should be able to agree on that.

Second and third Term abortions ought and should illegal with the exception of the Mother’s life in danger.

No Taxpayer Funds allowed to be used for the Procedure

Finally, The Mother has in the first Trimester the unlimited right to choose.


Assuredly, for the Conservatives on the Issue, this is a first down and for the Pro-choice Factions, a not so onerous giving up some ground.

The Bottom Line truth of the matter is that even if all Abortions were declared illegal, a new underground Industry would emerge to provide for those that choose to have a pregnancy termination much like:

The underground industry that emerged during Prohibition to provide booze for a thirsty populace and the now thriving underground industry that provides for all sorts of drugs to satisfy the whims of experimenters and users. Banning Abortion will not eliminate Abortion.

Time, education and a few more first downs  might !


Errol Phillips




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