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One-Third of Fourth Graders are Functionally Illiterate

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Posted by: Errol Phillips


An interesting and revealing Article appeared in today’s Town Hall. The Piece by Daniel Doherty repeats something I have been saying for many years.


He goes on to state:  “The U.S. education system is failing our kids and has been for decades. Thus, the first step towards solving this problem is admitting that we have one. And we certainly do. The status quo isn’t working. We throw unconscionable amounts of money into “fixing” American public schools with little or no results. The question, then, is what is the best way to bolster student test scores and raise graduation rates? According to Given, the answer is (a) giving parents more choice about where they send their kids to school and (b) giving teachers more “pedagogical freedom”

“It seems to me that education reform is one of those issues lawmakers constantly talk about for political purposes — “we need to build a 21st century education system” — yet nothing ever gets done. President Obama, for example, likes to use soaring rhetoric about “winning the future,” but how can we win the future if tens of millions of American children are “functionally illiterate”? The simple answer is we can’t. Until Republicans and Democrats roll up their sleeves and take on the special interests — i.e., the organizations that oppose sensible reforms and defend the status quo at every turn — America will continue to decline”

Click Here to read Article in Town Hall

I saw this quote recently that deals with the argument and I agree completely:

Any parent who sends their kids to public schools should understand that they are sanctioning the long term abuse of their own child. Sit them down in front of a computer screen loaded up with Khan Academy courses. They’ll end up healthier, happier, better adjusted, better educated, and far, far more safe. Nobody ever got an STD, bullied, or shot through an online educational course. And no kid ever got harmed by predatory edu-bots that way, either.” ~ Bill Quick

I would add that I would recommend: http://www.calvertschool.org_


Unless our Citizens and parents take back control from the Teacher’s Unions,  l have a foreboding sense of our Nation’s Future.


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