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Rules for thee but not for me

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Posted by: Errol Phillips


The Washington, D.C. elites just don’t get it. They think that simply having a concealed weapon permit automatically makes any politician pro-gun.

Do you think California Democrat Senator Barbara Boxer is pro-gun? No, I don’t think so, either. But Barbara Boxer used her influence to secure an elusive concealed carry permit from California.

I can almost hear her trying to deceive gun owners… “Trust me, I have a permit.”

Or how about New York Democrat Senator Chuck Schumer?

Schumer himself is reported to possess a New York concealed handgun permit, and both U.S. Senators regularly employed armed guards for their personal protection.

Just because a politician recognizes that being armed makes THEM safer, doesn’t mean they support YOUR right to keep and bear arms. They think they’re different than you and me, that because of their title they’re entitled to MORE rights than we are.

The Second Amendment is about much more than just carrying concealed… or hunting… or sport shooting.  Your right to keep and bear arms is a bulwark against tyranny.

Gun owners MUST know where they stand on important issues like banning magazine or bans on certain types of semi-automatic rifles, or opposing the United Nations’ Small Arms Treaty gun-grab.

Article Source

How about the Celebs – You can bet that those without weapons themselves will have armed body guards.


Some of the Rogues Gallery involved  with carrying 



The number of celebs allowed to carry guns is on the rise in NYC, reports the New York Daily News .

So, who can pack heat?

“We have seen an increase in celebs seeking their own permits,” John Skylar Chambers — a lawyer who has helped New Yorkers get gun permits for more than 20 years — tells the NYDN. “They can get their own security, but with the Internet, it is much easier to find people. They don’t want to find someone on their lawn at 5 in the morning.”




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