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Stop complaining and get dirty.

November 30, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments


Posted by: Errol Phillips

I see everyone still up in arms about Obama and his Socialistic Agenda. The Pundits are having a field day pillorying the ‘Fiscal Cliff Situation” and the Administration’s Sycophants in the Press covering for them. Then there is Benghazi – a true cover-up 50 times worse than Watergate, getting lots of play in the New Media and from reliable RINO Senators. Facebook is lit up with almost as much anti-Obama kvetching as before the election [included some of my own].

So what is going to happen – NOTHING ! – Yes that’s right. Nothing is going to happen. If that strategy worked, then we would not have to be dealing with Obama for four more years. I have been saying for some time now that we need to take a lesson from the Progressives as how they get things done.

The Progressives play to WIN and Conservatives play to TALK. Yes that’s right – Conservatives like to win on the chalkboard in the locker room – but win on the field – no chance – Wrong Strategy. The only way we will ever beat the Progressives is to take to the streets. The Progressives have made “street protest” an art form. We should learn from them.

I mean “protest” at all levels – National, State and Local. When was the last time you heard about 1000 angry Patriots crashing a School Board Meeting demanding that an anti-American History Book not be approved for the Classroom ?  We had some burst of outrage prior to the 2010 Mid-Terms and look at the results. After that, all that street energy just shriveled up and died.

It’s time for 10,000 Patriots to surround the personal residences of the all the anti-American Agenda Journalists to let them know that we are not going to take the lies anymore. It’s time 25,000 Patriots to surround the Local Alphabet TV Affiliates and do the same thing. It’s time for 100,000 Patriots to surround the National Headquarters of the NAACP and demand of them to cease and desist their Racist Propaganda.  How about another 100,000 surrounding the House of Representatives demanding that John Boehner issue an Arrest Warrant against Eric Holder for his Contempt of Congress in failing to appear regarding Fast and Furious.

Get the picture. In other words we have to “get dirty.”




  1. Jon
    December 1, 2012 at 4:43 am

    Conservative people can’t control the messaging because liberal people own the media. The brainwashing of America will stop only when the brainwashers are removed.

  2. Gornishter
    November 30, 2012 at 1:11 pm

    About 45 years ago, a bunch of people got together to produce some educational TV programming for children. The noticed that children (and adults, for that matter) tended to pay a lot of attention to, and be influenced by, TV commercials. So they decided to emulate Madison Ave. techniques in their programs, and thus Sesame Street was born. It’s now in its 43rd season, and will probably easily go another 43 years.

    My point is, conservatives need to adopt these Madison Ave. techniques and go IN A BIG WAY for producing and disseminating Conservative Commercials. These would be brief spots that sell conservative principles (such at Capitalism, Straight Marriage, National Defense, Low Taxes, etc. etc.) and candidates in the same way at Detroit sells cars and Sesame Street sells the Letter G and the Number 7.

    Can it work? Let me cite another example: when I was a kid in the 1950’s, littering was a terrible problem. People habitually tossed trash out their car windows and it became a huge burden for governments to clean it up. So, they (not exactly sure who “they” were, but I’m sure they included governments and The Advertising Council) initiated an intensive “Don’t Be A Litterbug” campaign. It became impossible to turn around and not see the Don’t Be A Litterbug message somewhere, on TV, billboards, posters … everywhere. But by the 1970’s litterbuggery was all but gone. So yes, it can work.

    It’s what we need to do. It may be the only way to get America to reverse course.


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