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Sunday Morning Bagel Thoughts

November 18, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Posted By: Errol Phillips

For a sane Conservative Program to win again, the Old Guard must step aside and let the Tea Party Newcomers be its Public Face. The Party must become the “Real Party of Working People….. All people of all Parties
The Progressives basically work to buy their positions with what amounts a “Legislation for Salary Scheme.”   Sort of a legal bribe – but a bribe nevertheless. They care not one iota as to how or who will foot the bill. The Project and the Cost is not the point …. Pretty slick.
Karl Rove and all his Buddies must go. I don’t have a TV – but for those that do, they ought to petition Fox to remove him from the air and send him back to Texas. He is toxic to Tea Party People as far I can tell.
We have to neuter the Broadcast Networks. Not just the National Networks but the local Affiliates that spit out Progressive Talking Points in their 10-12 minutes of nightly news.
In my final analysis – Romney lost because he neglected almost completely the Tea Party Movement, Talk Radio, Social Media and Sarah Palin. Also the Old Media did to Mitt exactly what they did to Sarah  – Thank about it !
I doubt seriously the Tea Party will ever support a Washington Establishment Candidate again. We tried to drag Romney across the finish line and from what I have seen, his Campaign hardly noticed that we were alive. For the first time, I am actually thinking a Third Party.
The Progressives play to WIN and Conservatives play to TALK. Yes that’s right – Conservatives like to win on the chalkboard in the Locker room – but win on the field – no chance. Wrong Strategy !
Cutting to the chase – Conservatives lost to women on the Abortion Issue. The Hardliners want to eat whole pie in one sitting instead of going after it piece by piece. An understanding on Partial Birth Abortion would have won the Election, and given us a first down for the next Series.

  1. November 21, 2012 at 12:05 pm

    All good points. Romney forgot to spread the message of Reagan. He certainly would have gotten more enthusiasm and turned out more critical votes if he had. Your point of trying to drag Romney across the finish line so true. I know with all that I did; walking, talking, phone work, etc. the reality of election night and the day after really hit me hard. It was about a week before I even started putting thoughts together for my next blog post. Going forward I think the key is to concentrate on local precincts and work our way up to take over the old guard Republicans. It’s not an overnight deal but thinking long term it may be the only way for Libertarian/Tea Party minded people to take back the Republican party in a meaningful way. Now it becomes crucial to work towards the mid term elections and taking back the Senate while keeping and adding to the majority in the House.

    • November 21, 2012 at 1:55 pm

      Until Karl Rove, David brooks and Kathleen Parker and their ilk are put to rest – Nothing is ever going to happen. To much infighting.

      Also,nothing is going to happen without massive Tea party Street protests.

      That’s the way I see it.

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