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Some Thoughts for Tuesday 11/13/2012

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Posted By: Errol Phillips



  1. Ron Pittenger
    November 13, 2012 at 5:49 pm

    Actually, I’ve been thinking about “who to blame” for several days. I’ve come up with only one name: Colin Powell. No other single decision I can think of in the last 30 years would have had the impact on voting blocks that Powell’s decision not to run in 1996 carried with it. In my heart, I believe he personally made the difference between the parties as extreme as it now is and worse, locked that extremity in place for the foreseeable future.

    Bear in mind that when his autobiography, My American Life, came out in late 1995, he was one of the most respected men in the country. His credibility was MUCH greater than that of any of the politicians he’d have had to run against, especially that of the Clintons. No one could’ve accused him of being an affirmative action candidate as he’d so thoroughly and publicly earned it. And, he was a self-proclaimed “moderate Republican,” and no one had any reason to doubt it.

    Had Powell run for the Presidency in 1996 as a Republican, the nomination would have been his for the asking. Winning might’ve been a bit more difficult, but it could’ve been done. Most important, though, is that he’d have split the Democratic party away from its second most reliable block, African-Americans. America’s “First Black President,” Bill Clinton might’ve prevailed in the election, but only by trashing Powell—and thereby alienating a very large number of Black voters. Who then would’ve returned to their roots as Republicans or at worst, as Independents no longer guaranteed to vote “D.”

    Powell’s running would’ve given permission to Blacks to be or become Republicans without becoming outcasts within their own communities. The Black vote for Obama was WAY over 90% in both 2008 and 2012. How much of a change would it have taken to elect either McCain or Romney? I think as little as a 15% difference in the Black vote might’ve done that. I believe Powell’s running could’ve split off at least that much.

    Sadly, while I can see why Colin Powell is to blame for our current woes, the simple truth is if I’d been him, I wouldn’t have run either. Only a madman would purposely expose himself to the kind of abuse we subject our candidates for high office to. And Powell was never a madman. None of which changes the impact of his decision.

    Ron Pittenger

  2. SHmuel
    November 13, 2012 at 10:59 am

    The establishment is one regardless of “R” and “D” labels. Nothing will be done in any of the many subjects that could return the US to its call.
    True redirction can only come from the people in masse acting to restore the American way.

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