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Some thoughts for Monday

November 12, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Posted by: Errol Phillips


A dirty bomb killing 25,000 in St. Louis couldn’t knock the Petraeus Story off the Top Fold in most major Newspapers.

Obama got the “Revenge Vote.” I say to myself – how can 93 % of a Community vote to keep themselves in prison. Voting “Revenge” over “Freedom” is pure lunacy.

If Barack Obama is the result of the Black “Revenge Vote” then Bibi Netanyahu is the result of the Jewish “Revenge Vote.”

Andrew Sullivan would have made a great Hauptsturmführer in the Waffen SS.

One word describes the orbital path of the USA: Venezuela [through California.]

Another thing I discovered during this Election Cycle: Blacks as a whole are a lot more racist than any other ethnicity percentage wise. A significant “lot more.”

Pragmatically Conservatives have to pick a Side with regard to the minority vote. The Side which most resembles Conservative Ideals is the Hispanic and Latino Communities. It is up to Black Conservatives to garner Black Support. White Conservatives are toxic to the Black Community.


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