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Some quick thoughts while waiting to vote

November 6, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments


Posted by: Errol Phillips


A black man is just as entitled to be a bad president as a white man, and that is what we got — a bad president.

If the President of Penn State can be indicted for his passive participation in the Sex-Scandal ….. Why cannot Sumner Redstone, the Chairman of the Board of CBS be indicted for allowing gross lies to be fostered upon the American People by his Employees ? That goes for the other Executives at CBS and the other Networks as well.

One question to think about while standing in line to vote: Where are the interviews with 25 +/- that escaped the Benghazi Attack ?

Thousands of Military personnel unable to get Ballots – Will someone go to jail … Never happen. We put our heroes in harm’s way and then not allow them to vote ? I demand Indictments and convictions and prison time for those that dishonor our Service People.

Why can’t they use Email and Fax like New Jersey Residents ?



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