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Some more Rants and Raves


Posted by : Errol Phillips


The squeaky wheel gets the grease. The Progressives have known this for a long, long time and have made “Protest” an Art Form

The Univision Interview was the Preliminary Bout to the Main Event and Obama lost that one badly as well. Probably Mitt was watching the tape and learned for sure that Obama has a glass jaw.

This Guy Toure from MSNBC is another pathetic full-blown racist – and a bigot to boot. The desperation is only going to get worse

Obama knows he lost the Debate and he is very angry. His seething unconscious anger will slowly begin to spurt out the more desperate he becomes. Grab some popcorn and watch the show.

“The media is like the man with the shovel following behind Obama the circus elephant.” ~ Pamela Geller

To expect any heads to roll from the Libyan Fiasco is unlikely.. After all, we have a Country that gave a Medal to the Head of the CIA after the Attack on the World Trade Center 9-11-2001

DON’T BE FOOLED: If those that stopped looking for work and those underemployed and those working part-time – the number would be 15 % +/-

Barack …. will I still be able to take the girls skiing in the Alps next year if we have to pay for it”

We have a debate between an Intelligent Harvard and an Affirmative Action Harvard. My money goes to the Intelligent Harvard.

Is it me – Or does James Carville really look like E.T

Obama’s performance was so inept it is beyond spin. I bet he smokes a carton of cigarettes this week and maybe does a little blow – And Moochie won’t give him any on their anniversary


  1. jacob
    October 7, 2012 at 12:20 pm

    I watched most of the debate and was pleased to see that, if the Annoited One as
    Hannity calls him, was expecting a replay of “Shlimazel” McCain debating him, he
    surely got some wedding anniversary gift from Romney….

    I loved watching him trying to par the deluge of sticks Romney rained on him and
    that is that in my concept, he still treated him with kid gloves, bypassing many
    more items someone else would have rubbed to his face the way done to puppies
    when they do it in the wrong place….

    And I dare bet he got the bonus from his wife when he got home….
    Now lets see what that s.o.b of his “Merchant of Lies” Axelrod will for him for the
    next debate which knowing the type of guy, may turn personally ugly…

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