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The Thrill Is Gone


Posted by: Errol Phillips


I must admit I was reasonably concerned going into the first Debate. I was reluctant to watch as I feared for the worst. I felt like I was being dragged into a movie that had bad reviews which I didn’t want to see.

Curiosity got the best of me and after the self-indulgent “anniversary nonsense” of Obama hiding behind Michelle’s Skirt – I settled in for what was to be an enjoyable 90 minutes.

I especially liked the Liberal Pundits blowing gaskets and the piling on by all those that can’t stand Obama much like myself.

Come on admit it – You loved the piling on.

One of my contributors offered this one

“I wonder what Valerie Jarrett is doing tonight? How is she ever going to get her boy to shine again for her? I bet she took back the anniversary gift she got for the Obama’s.” ~ Maureen Coover Scott


Some of my thoughts:

Just piling on… after suffering through 4 years with this fraud – my last bit of pent up disdain is seeping through.

Is it me – Or does James Carville really look like E.T.

The British Press is tearing Obama a new one !

Obama’s performance was so inept it is beyond spin. I bet he smokes a carton of cigarettes this week and maybe do a little blow – And Moochie is going to be too tired for many a night.

Matthews probably pissed himself.

Now I save the best for last … Courtesy of B.B. King




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