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A Media Kristallnacht – Seems to be all the rage these days

September 28, 2012 Leave a comment Go to comments

Posted by: Errol Phillips

Not only is the Press openly biased – It seems that is not enough. The Media is evil as well. How is it that both the AP and Reuters distributed to their Media Clients Pictures of Netanyahu in order to give the impression of a Nazi Salute. Their Clients were all to eager to publish an obvious attempt to slur Bibi. Were there any Clients that refused to run with the photos?

Abraham Foxman the head of the Anti Defamation League (ADL) had this to say – He “called the two published wire photos of Israeli Prime Minister Benjamin Netanyahu “ugly, disgusting, and offensive. The photos, published within moments of each other by The Associated Press and Reuters, show Netanyahu addressing the United Nations and raising his left arm in a gesture reminiscent of Adolf Hilter’s infamous Nazi salute.”

To read the full Article in the Daily Caller:  CLICK HERE


One of my Contributors, Maureen Coover Scott,  joins in with this Commentary:

“First Obama snubs Netanyahu and doesn’t meet with him. Now…that “snub” was not just done to show Obama’s non-support of Israel, directly, but it was clearly meant as a message to the Muslim countries. It said to them that Obama doesn’t consider Netanyahu even worthy (so unworthy that Obama scheduled time for frivolous appearances on talk shows instead) and worse, because Obama sent even a lower status in the eyes of Islamists. You know how much disdain they have for women, especially for women in positions of authority, and how little respect they have for women in general. Obama has purposely tried to make Bibi a laughing-stock to all in the anti-Israel, anti-women countries.

Then our government controlled media further insults Bibi by mocking him and trying to pass off a picture of him gesturing to make a visual point in his speech, by lying and saying that gesture was reminiscent of Hitler’s salute. And the dumb, Obama loving Sheeple will believe them … even though Bibi was raising his LEFT hand! The Hitler salute was done with the right hand, Duh! It is just so pathetic how today’s American media not only lies, but insults the intelligence of most of the American people…except, of course, the Obama supporters who don’t know the difference and will believe anything that paints anyone in a negative light if Obama wants it that way.

All the while…Obama has been cajoling the Muslim Brotherhood, inviting them to lunch, and, of course, never once even sent a message to the Jewish population in this country to recognize their holiest of holidays, Yom Kippur, on the 25-26 of this month .

Obama’s clear hatred for Jewish people and Israel is simply,Transparent!”

I have said from the Get-Go from  back in 2007 that Obama was an anti-Semitic Racist -And I haven’t changed my mind. It is just pathetic that more people, especially Liberal Jews , are unable and/or unwilling to face reality. Fantasies die a horrible death.


  1. SHmuel HaLevi
    September 28, 2012 at 9:48 am

    Well… While I am not a big fan of Mr. Netanyahu, the perverted “agencies” likely working at unison with the Obama campaign, just broke what little was left of the proverbial camel back. It;s enough!
    We will initiate actions to have both agencies expelled from Israel and will pursue actions to further impinge on their future as well. The die is cast and any US Jew that still support the repugnant item will certainly be forever branded.

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